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Poker news, Merge Gaming v. Revolution Gaming in New… Revolution Gaming, the new online poker network formed when Lock Poker acquired selected assets of the Cake Poker Network, has unveiled a new .eu splash page ahead of its scheduled June 1 launch. The site marks the debut of the new Revolution logo (a stylized ‘R’ which, as @pokerfuse pointed out... Download video: Starcraft 2 : Poker Defense Revolution… Custom map combining poker and defense. For the merge unit combo's skip to the 8 min' mark. Committees for the Defense of the Revolution - Wikipedia Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (Spanish: Comités de Defensa de la Revolución), or CDR, are a network of neighborhood committees across Cuba. Смотреть видео Starcraft 2 - Poker Defense Revolution

Very popular custom game on EU server at the moment. Not sure about other servers. I've been trying to complete the game, but pretty much every time my allies die at the healing marauders and it forces me out of the game >.> So I'm looking for other EU players that are good at the game so we can play it together and hopefully beat it. Add Laurens 274 I'm also interested in a list of merges ...

The large update has now been published! Poker Defence is a map that was very popular in SC1. I have remade it for SC2! The idea is you get a poker hand and the better the cards are, the better the units you get. Nova Poker Defence X2 StarCraft Map | StarCraft | Nibbits In response to Nova Poker Defence X2 I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen, but getting a full house with two aces does not give a ghost hero. IE, 3 jacks and 2 aces does not give anything.

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Давно есть идея провести турнир по Starcraft Poker Defense Revolution . Для тех кто не знает - это кастомная карта, где за определенные комбинации карт получаешь соответствующий юнит. Видео Разумеется, это чистейший фан и веселье, где у каждого есть шанс.

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Where are all the guides for custom maps... poker defense, etc ...

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